Local History Room

at the Ivoryton Library

Current holdings (3/15/06):

Annual Reports:

Books on Connecticut:
114 archived, including History of Eastern Connecticut, vols. 1 – 3, Middlesex County: Commemorative Record, 3 copies, As We Were, 3 copies, Story of Connecticut, Vital Records of Saybrook Colony, 1635 – 1860.

Books and pamphlets on New England Indians
12 archived, including The Indian and the White Man in Connecticut, The Indians of Connecticut: The Effect of English Colonization and of Missionary Activity on Indian Life in Connecticut, The Pequots in Southern New England: The Fall and Rise of an American Indian Nation, Laurence M. Hauptman and James D. Werry, editors.

Books & pamphlets on the Connecticut River, Whaling and Maritime History:
59 archived, including “Thar She Goes!”: Shipbuilding on the Connecticut River, Life in the Connecticut River Valley 1800 – 1840, Great Meadow: A Connecticut River Estuarine March, The Log of the Mystic Seaport.

Books, pamphlets & notebooks on Essex:
38 archived, including Yankee Magazine, September 1996, “Where is the Best Small Town in America?,” Essex Historical Society newsletters, 1990 – 1998, The Essex Rope Walk, Essex History, Churches of Essex, The “Oliver Cromwell,” The British Raid on Essex, Pratt Family Genealogy, Houses of Essex.

Books, pamphlets & notebooks on Centerbrook village:
8 archived, including Centerbrook: Growth of a Village, Centerbrook and the Connecticut Valley Manufacturing Company, Veterans Honor Roll.

Books, pamphlets & notebooks on Ivoryton village:
32 archived, including Deep River and Ivoryton, Elephants and River Gods, “From Combs to Keyboards,” “Comstock Cheney & Co., Ivory: History and Manufacturing.”

Connecticut Biography:
19 archived, including Sherlock Holmes & Much More, Goodspeed’s Folly, Miss Florence and the Artists of Old Lyme.

Books and pamphlets on local art and architecture:
23 archived, including The Great River: Art & Society of the Connecticut Valley, 1635 – 1820, Centerbrook vols. 1 – 3, Covered Bridges of Connecticut: A Guide, Early Connecticut Houses.

Pamphlets & notebooks on Pratt, Read & Company:
“Pratt Read 150 Years of Progress,” “Neither Elephants Nor Pratt, Read Forget,” “A History of Pratt Read & Co.,” E.D. Moore, “Geographical Sources of Raw Materials used in the Production of Piano Keyboards by the Comstock, Cheney and Company and Pratt Read, and Company, Inc.,” Dino W. Esposito, “Elephant Under Glass: The Piano Key Bleach House of Deep River, Connecticut,” David H. Shayt, editor, Silent Ones WWII: Invasion Glider Test and Experiment, Charles L. Day, editor.

Books, pamphlets & notebooks on Africa and the ivory trade:
58 archived, including Ivory: The Scourge of Africa, 2 copies, Elephant: a Culture and Natural History, 3 copies, Zanzibar, When Music in our Parlors Brought Death to Darkest Africa, The Lake Regions of Central Africa, Slaves, Spices and Ivory in Zanizibar, Elephant: The Animal and Its Ivory in African Culture, Doran H. Ross, editor, Zanzibar: The Island Metropolis of Eastern Africa, F.B. Pearce, editor, Ivory Scourge of Africa, E.D. Moore, A History of Eastern Africa, Kenneth Ingham, editor, White Gold: The Story of African Ivory, Derek Wilson and Peter Ayerst, editors, The Boer War, Thomas Pakenham, editor, King Leopold’s Ghost, Adam Hochschild, The White Nile, Alan Moorehead, editor, The Lake Regions of Central Africa, Sir Richard F. Burton, editor, The Scramble for Africa, Thomas Pakenham, editor, Slaves, Spices, and Ivory in Zanzibar, Abdul Sheriff, editor, The Adventures of an African Slaver, Theodore Canot, editor, Tippu Tip and the East African Slave Trade, Leda Farrant, editor, The Zanzibar Letters of Edward D. Ropes, Jr. 1882-1892, Norman Robert Bennett, editor, East Africa, Elspeth Huxley, editor, Sons of Sinbad, Alan Villiers, editor, Zanzibar in Contemporary Times, Robert Nunez Lyne, editor, “Ivory from Jungle to Drawing Room,” E.D. Moore, “Tales of Zanzibar,” Harriet Cheney Downing, Guide to Zanzibar, David Else, editor, Connecticut Yesteryears: So Saith the Wind, Alfred P. Knapp, editor, Bula Matari: Stanley, Conqueror of a Continent, Jacob Wassermann, editor.

Books, pamphlets & notebooks on ivory:
Ivory and Its Uses, Benjamin Burack, editor, Ivory, O. Beigbeder, editor, The Piano Makers, David Anderson, editor, Ivories, Alfred Maskell, editor, Modern Ivory Carving, Carson I.A. Ritchie, editor, “Pictures of Ivory and other Animal Teeth, Bone, and Antler,” T.K. Penniman, editor, “When the music in our Parlors Brought Death to the Darkest Africa,” Richard Conniff, editor, “Ivory Collection Reflects a Once-Thriving American Industry,” Susan Foster, editor, “February Lecture to Explore Brutal Link Between Ivory Trade, Slavery and Local Prosperity.”

Books by town residents:
18 archived, including Sea Lady, Where Does the Teacher Live?, Preston Falls, Cookbook of the Ivoryton Ladies Society 1898.

Pamphlets and notebooks on the Ivoryton Playhouse:
13 archived, including Ivoryton Playhouse: New Era Newspaper Articles 1932-1976, Ivoryton Playhouse: Plays/ Playwrights/ Cast Lists 1930 through 1992.

6 archived, including Nine Short Years (original and 2 copies)

9 archived, including County Atlas of Middlesex Connecticut 1874, View of Essex 1881

Oral History Tapes:
7 archived, including town historian, 6 tapes, interview with Alda Gaudenzi by the Smithsonian Museum

The Towns that Elephants Built (50 framed), Centerbrook (18 unframed), Essex (187 unframed), Ivoryton (170 unframed), Images of Essex (150 framed), miscellaneous framed (46)

Hanford Johnson Collection (40 framed), Images of Essex Collection (250 digital), Ivoryton Library Postcard Collection (82)

Pratt High School: 1936 – 1954 (incomplete)
Valley Regional High School: 1953, 1955, 1983

13 archived, including Bessie and Laura Comstock (9), Scrapbook entitled “1930’s – 1940’s”, Flood of 1982 (3)

12 archived, including Scott Joplin and Friends featuring Todd Ellison, Ivoryton Library Team Coffee House, History Talks by Don Malcarne, Return to the Dunes, Images of Essex Slide Show 1930-2005, Postcards of Essex, Tide to the River, Footage for Tide to the River.

Early Library Records:
Original Ivoryton Library blueprints (6), Ivoryton Library blueprints framed (6), original Ivoryton Library building specifications, original state certification, original bylaws, first patron records, first acquisition records, first financial records through current, first minutes through current, notebook of Ivoryton Library newspaper clippings, Ivoryton Library 50 year celebration collection

43 artifacts (non-ivory)

Ivory artifacts:
143 pieces of ivory including a pair of tusks.