Ivoryton Library membership

While the Ivoryton Library is a free and public library, we are an association library, organized in 1871. The town of Essex provides a portion of our operating expenses and the rest is raised through various fundraising activities, donations and grants as well as our yearly membership drive.

To support the library with your membership, please print and fill out this form with your name written as you would like it to appear on our mailing list. The form may be handed in at the library or mailed to:
Ivoryton Library
PO Box 515
Ivoryton, CT 06442

Thank you for supporting the Ivoryton Library

O   MEMBERSHIP                  $25
O   BOOKWORM                    $50
O   BOOK BINDER               $100
O   SPEED READER             $250
O   P
ATRON                           $500
O   LIFE MEMBER               1000

(One time payment for Lifetime Membership may be given over a three year period.)




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Our trustees are:
Susan Nilsen , President; Vice-President; Wendy Jaillet, Treasurer; Chris Pagliuco, Secretary; Leslie Barlow, Susan Beckman, Pam Burr, Crystal Clarkin, Julian Evans, Donald Frazier, Patricia Hurley, Judith Saunders